The best way to learn anything is by doing, and Blake grew up doing just about everything on job sites for a wide variety of family members: carpentry, electrical work, masonry, small engine repair — you name it. The extended Blake family had their hands in building just about every aspect of small-town New England. 

That translated into a classic Jack of all trades, bringing Blake to every corner of the United States for work and adventure, even to a career in project management for Crane Nuclear, before the pull of home got to be too much to ignore. 

Blake had been spending his time off employing his hands-on skills in creating beautiful living spaces for family and friends. When he discovered Eric Goodman needed someone to collaborate on renovation projects, he was all in. When those renovation projects started to attract other people’s renovation projects, he had himself a company and ready collaborator. 

Today, K Blake and Company is the passion project everyone has ever hoped would turn into a full-time gig, an in-demand construction firm known for expert work, and tight project management.